Games Like Roulette that Must Be Played at Online Casinos

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Games Like Roulette Must Be Played in Online Casinos – Table games like roulette have dominated casinos around the world for the last few decades and are also very popular among online gamblers. The excitement that comes from spinning the roulette wheel is hard to match. But even the biggest roulette fan needs a break from the game every once in a while.

Fortunately, the top online casinos are loaded with much more than roulette wheels. In fact, your roulette skills can even help you win at casino games that use a similar concept. The following are some games like roulette that must be played at online casinos:

Hoo Hey How

Hoo Hey How is a Chinese dice game which is a variation of the more well-known Sic Bo. Sometimes also called Fish-Prawn-Crap. Hoo Hey How’s goal is to correctly choose which symbols will appear on the three dice after they are rolled. You start by selecting the symbol you want to bet on, and then rolling three dice. If the symbol you bet on appears on the dice then you win. Hoo Hey How might seem like an odd choice for this list.

However, this game is more like roulette than you might realize. In both games, your goal is to correctly predict the final result. Also, you can get different payout odds depending on how specific your bet is in roulette. For example, betting correctly on a certain number pays more than betting on an odd number. Players can get better payouts by predicting the results of multiple dice correctly.

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What Games Like Roulette Must Be Played at Online Casinos?


Another good option for people looking for an alternative to online roulette betting games is keno. Both are one of the popular types of casino games that will require you to choose from a field of numbers to bet on. In roulette, you only have 36 numbers to bet on. But online keno gambling players can have up to 80 different numbers to choose from. In addition, roulette players can bet on any part of a number, such as black or red, all at once.

Keno players can only choose individual numbers. But you can bet on multiple numbers. The more accurate your predictions are, the better your payouts will be at roulette and keno. Picking the right numbers in roulette usually gives you 35 to 1 payout odds. You can also be rewarded with big payouts in Keno, if you correctly predict all the winning numbers.

Bingo Videos

This very popular casino game also requires you to predict the winning numbers in order to be successful. In roulette, the winning number is ultimately determined by spinning the wheel. Video bingo, on the other hand, generates winning numbers randomly from a set list. Ultimately, though, you need the number, or numbers, you’re betting on to match the winning numbers. It is very easy to change the number you bet on in roulette.

All you need to do is bet on a different number or set of numbers in the next round. You change the numbers you bet in video bingo by getting new bingo cards to play. Video roulette and bingo are also similar in that you do not have any influence over the outcome. The spinning of the roulette wheel and the drawing of bingo numbers are both random.